Corporate Culture

  • Captivate through Excellence

    Captivation speaks to attracting and holding an individual’s attention through excellence. To captivate, you must distinguish yourself by doing something that’s above and beyond what ‘s expected.

  • Ride the Tide of Change

    Change is an integral part of the evolution of a growing company. “If we are to remain viable,growing and relevant,embracing constant change must be woven into our Corporate CUlture.” ~Angela Robinson, VP Business Operations

  • Pursue Growth & Learning

    We believe that it is important for each employee to stretch beyond the boundaries of their current job, knowledge and skill set. Learning unlocks the door to opportunity- Let’s be partners. We can’t do it without each other!

  • Build a Collaborative Work Community

    We believe in an environment where respect, friendliness, individuality and diversity abound. We respect the disparate perspectives, values and opinions of each employee and encourage our employees to share them as we work to create a shared vision for SCE.

  • Exercise Honesty & Integrity

    At the heart of the organization is honesty and integrity, we believe that it’s not just important to do things right, but to do the right thing.

  • Be Impassioned

    We value purpose, passion, and perseverance. SCE believes that passion is driven by purpose. When you understand your purpose, then you become excited about achieving it.

  • Be Grateful

    The executive staff here at Soft-Con is very grateful and extremely humbled by the current and past employees that have helped build this company to where it is today. We appreciate the diversity and embrace the myriad of perspectives that are born out of our varied cultures, values, and experiences.